Web Services

Over the years, we have been able to develop fully dynamic and functional websites for companies and individuals. The power of the web can no longer be underestimated and that is why at BeniGle Technologies, we give your organization a scintillating design that best represents it. Our experts will be obliged to help give your company that online presence you seek. Call us today.

Car Tracking

Get your car secured with our highly efficient car tracking security. Our advance car tracking system will ensure that mindless of your distance from your car, the car can always be tracked. Keep your car safe by securing it with our security system.

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CCTV Services

The security of your work place is in no doubt the most important thing. It is on this ground that we help you create security system that would help monitor the activities within your office/company. Our security system ensures you can even have access to the happenings in your company with your cell phone regardless of your location. Call us today to get your company/work place secured.

ICT Consultanct

Having any problem in setting up an IT system to better the flow of the activities in your company? Have issues on the type of IT equipments to use for maximum output? BeniGle Technologies if here. Call us for all your IT problems for advice. We are sure waiting for you.

Training Services

Over the years, we have been able to train IT experts on numerous applications. We have a conducive classrooms and tutors with high expertise. Our trainings are practical based with real live equipments to help our students. Our students become champions after training with us and you can only get more convinced by training with us today.

Digital Marketing

Your business can go even farther than you know if only you can buy into our digital marketing service. With our digital marketing service, the face of your business is well polished before your customers (prospective and current). This service also helps sing your song aloud enough for people to hear. It also helps conquer the barrier generated by distance as your customers can have access to you from any part of the world without hassles.


Virtually everything that happens today is on the internet. The internet has become a market place, a meeting place and so on. We help create fast speed internet connectivity for you and your company upon demand. We also offer advance networking services like VoIP for efficient communication and sharing of resources.

Graphics Design

Our designs are scintillating. We have experts who can go extra miles to help get that design that is harboured in your mind into a graphics. We design banners, cards, posters, bills, just anything design.

Hardware Repair

Our computer engineers will be glad to help you fix all your computer hardware problems. We have experts with wealth of experience that would ensure your computer system gets normal.

Software Development

Over the years, we have developed edge cutting software that helps companies, schools; government, hotels etc manage their data efficiently. We are also opened to helping you develop that software that would help your business grow.

Mobile/Android App Development

We also develop Android applications for organizations and individuals. We have been able to develop solutions to numerous problems through the development of mobile/android applications.