About Us
BeniGle Technologies

Who We Are

BeniGle technologies is the leading and one of the fastest growing information and communication technology companies in Nigeria today. Established in the year 2010 We offer integrated ICT solutions and are capable and willing to deliver services to customers at any time of need to their satisfaction. Btech is a world of stable technologies where stable and optimal solution is always guaranteed. We pledge to provide optimal and stable solutions to our clients. To deliver the highest quality infrastructure services and support for sustainable development of our nation. We strive to provide every client with uncompromising products and services for peace of mind around the clock. At BeniGle Technologies, we place our focus on providing the proper equipment for the application – on maximum cost effectiveness and optimized protection – all while positioning our clients for future growth.

Why work with us?

At BeniGle Technologies, our customers are our greatest assets and we treat you as such. We are entirely inclined to customers’satisfaction and that drive has sustained us till date. We deliver our promises to our clients and offer around-the-clock support services they need. We give a promise and provide more than our promise. We already have great antecedents and a simple trial will convince. BeniGle Technologies believes in integrity and customers first rule and so, you are our hero.


To help solve diverse societal problems through the efficient deployment of IT solutions for sustainable development of our society and nation.


To be one of the best IT service providers in Africa.

Our Quality Policy Statement

  • Provide stable solutions that will take your business to the next level and make it branch like a tree.
  • Our services bring about sustainable development of the society.
  • Produce high quality products that are useful for our customers.
  • Practice high ethical business standards.
  • Meet the changing needs and desires of customers.