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Why people prefare BeniGle technologies, A must read

Over the years, we've been able to build better and more comfortable solutions as it comes to vehicle security. This is based on the feedback we get from customers and police reports. Without much words, we wish to let you know that, with BeniGle Track, you'll gain peace of mind, knowing you can;

  • Find your car quickly.
  • Have history playback of 3 months
  • Record all the events that took place with your vehicle for future use.
  • Have full control of your vehicle all the time with a fantastic and user friendly mobile App.
  • Detect when your vehicle needs maintenance (by setting up a vehicle maintenance plan).
  • Receive notification when your car's battery is being tampered with.
  • Get alerted when your car is turned on (optional).
  • Get alert when your car overspeeds.
  • And many more...

Live Tracking of Vehicles with movement display.

  • Historical Tracking
  • Location Management
  • Geo fencing
  • Route setting and notifications on diversions
  • Drivers Management
  • Organizational grouping (Sub Accounts)
  • Custom grouping of Vehicles
  • Fuel management
  • Maintenance/Service Schedule
  • Administrative Control Hard Acceleration and Harsh braking notifications
  • Tampering alerts
  • Device disconnection notifications
  • Signal failure
  • Trip Reports
  • Idle reports
  • Distance reports
  • Events reports
  • Fleet usage Report
  • Snapshots of environment
  • Real Time Video Monitoring


Managing a mobile asset and a fleet of vehicles to reduce cost and ensure judicious use poses a difficult task for many businesses around the world.

Fleet and asset managers are faced with challenge of knowing:

  • Where their entire vehicles are at every point in time.
  • When they are in use or idle.
  • Area and distance covered.
  • Accurate Usage duration for time billing.
  • Time used to achieve a task.
  • Fuel consumption to ensure judicious use
  • Driver's or operator's compliance with company's policies

What We Offer

Live Tracking of All Vehicles

Our Fleet management system lets you monitor and manage your entire fleet real-time in one login. You will be able to see all vehicles’ status indicating moving, stopped and idle. Easily identify preset Locations and points of Interest.

Historical Tracking

Not available to monitor your vehicle's trip at a particular time? No worries. Our historical tracking lets you replay a vehicle's journey up to 3 months back. This is a handy tool for conflict resolution.

Location Management

Draw a fence around your premises, customer locations, Depots, Ware House, Terminals etc and use our location management tool to know when your vehicle reaches a particular location, how long it stays there and when it leaves. You can also set up events depending on location. Example; send notification when vehicle spends more 20 minutes in a particular location or send notification when vehicle is stopped for more than 20 minutes outside locations.

Route Management

Our route management tool helps you ensure approved routes are used for every trip and notifications are sent on diversions. Routes can be drawn manually or by simply replaying a previous trip and convert the tracks to a route. You can also set up events depending on route.

Example; if vehicle exceeds 70KM/H on route A or stops on route A for more than 5 minutes, send notification. If this happens anywhere else, do not send notification.

Custom Grouping Of vehicles

This helps fleet managers group their vehicles based on operations or other categories. Helps to easily identify where each vehicle belongs.


Sub-account lets you create account for sub-users within your organisation and with limited functions. You can determine which vehicle and what privilege each user can have access to. No limits to number of sub-users.

Driver Management

Driver management tool lets you manually create a driver's profile on the system and assign to a particular vehicle. With the use of RFID technology (Radio Frequency Identification), a driver's profile can be created with his RFID tag number which the system uses to identify which driver drove which vehicle any time. This is a handy tool for driver’s conflict resolution. RFID technology is available on supported devices.

Vehicle Service and Maintenance

This feature helps you set up reminders for vehicle maintenance, particulars and permits renewal ensuring you never get into trouble with vehicle inspection officer (VIO) Vehicle maintenance, particulars and permit renewals can be set up using mileage, days or engine hour intervals and notification is sent once preset limit is reached.

Temperature Monitoring

Temperature monitoring helps you keep an eye on frozen or refrigerated products while in transit to ensure they are not tainted or left to rot. When temperature rises to a pre-set limit, a notification is sent to the pre-set persons ensuring early detection and action.

Fuel Management

Disappointed with the inaccuracy of fuel monitoring using vehicles’ fuel gauge in the fuel tank? We've got you covered. Our fuel management feature comes in two forms.

  • 1

    Monitor Fuel consumption using vehicle's make specifications. Each vehicle has an expected fuel consumption rate for both city and highway driving. Input that information and the cost of fuel per litre and our system will use that information with distance covered to calculate fuel consumption.

  • 2

    Actual Fuel Log. This lets you input actual fuel bought or issued to a vehicle into the system and it then uses it with the distance covered to calculate fuel consumption and usage.

This is a more reliable fuel monitoring system.

Instant Notifications

Instant notification with pop-up alarms lets you see who is over speeding, idle, over stayed in a particular location and so on. You will never get to miss anything.

Personnel Tracking

Our spy app is able to turn any android, iOS or windows phone with internet data into a tracking device giving you the ability to track office personnel or family and friends.


Our system lets you generate different types of report on demand including Trip report, events report, service report, driver behaviour report, temperature graph, fuel log report etc and save in pdf, html or excel files. Reports can be easily automated to generate daily or weekly and sent to your mailbox.

Monitoring and Reporting

No time to sit and monitor your large fleet of vehicles? No worries. We've got you covered. At an affordable cost, we can completely take over monitoring and reporting while you focus on other important things.

Custom Solution

Do you require a customized tracking solution that is specifically designed for your needs with features that are not available in the market? We've also got you covered. We provide custom solutions that are tailored to meet your needs at a reasonable cost.