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Register For A Car Tracker Today :: Benigle Technology
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Benigle technology statelite Terms of Service. 1. Drop the car with the installer.
2. Remove all valuables from the car before installation.
3. Try and operate your device for at least 4 times in 30 days.
4. Never announce the security in your car.
5. Use an abstract name in saving your car SIM number.
6. Report any fault detection or tracking malfunction when observe any.
7. The system can work only when GSM communication is in good condition.
8. GPS Communication is likely to be affected by environmental shielding. May fail to carry out positioning services, during certain circumstance it may resume the positioning functions as soon as it leaves the shielding environment. This is normal (please never mind when you experience this).
9. Never transplant the tracking device without our knowledge.
10. No one is allowed to be around the vehicle during the installation time.
11. Notify us in writing when vehicle plate number/Registration number is changed.
12. Don’t stop/track any of your cars if stolen to avoid vandalism etc.
13. Report any car theft to the police and to us at any of our offices or through phone calls on any of the phone numbers above.
14. In case of any theft, report to us within 3 hrs. To enable us carry out our security/recovery services.
15. Clients are responsible for each vehicle recovery and expenses.
16. You are responsible for any defect caused by system either by accident or electrical faults or otherwise.
17. Any fault resulting from the client’s default attracts maintenance or replacement charges.
18. After the first renewal, the subsequent renewal fee is N10,000 for private users, fleet management users or users with additional vehicle report not included.
19. Nonpayment of renewal as at when due implies termination of contracts.
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